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OSHA inpection procedures

August 3, 2011

When OSHA arrives on the premises with proper documentation, or if the company willing lets them in there will be an opening conference.  This is where OSHA lets the company know the purpose of the visit, the scope of the inspection, and the standards that need to be met.  During this opening conference the employer is given copies of safety and health standards that the company should be using.  In the case of the inspection being caused by an employee complaint the company will receive documentation of the issue.  If the complaint was called in anonymously the employee name will be given.

When the opening conference is over the inspection of the property will begin.  The route of the physical inspection will be determined by the OSHA representative.  In case of a complaint the OSHA representative should be directed to the area in which the complaint was filed.  The representative will be checking for;  postings of the OSHA yellow safety and health poster, reviewing the Form 300 for the current year and two previous years, checks the standards for the specific industry, reviews written safety programs, training records, MSDS, and chemical inventories.  The employer needs to ready to submit documentation of such records to the representative.  If there are corrections to be made the company can correct unsafe conditions immediately to avoid a violation report.  When the inspection is completed there will be a closing conference to go over what was discovered during the physical inspection.

There are five levels of violations and the penalties are set accordingly.  During my next blog I will review these.  Please feel free to leave comments.

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