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OSHA Safety Programs

August 5, 2011

The general goal of OSHA is to improve workplace safety and health for the employees.  This is accomplished through programs OSHA created and requires.    Having a safe work environment is everyone responsibility.  Management needs to take action and be involved through setting safety goals and objectives.  The less accidents or hazards can improve the bottom line for a company, which can lead to bonus if structured so.

One way to create involvement is through safety committees.  This is when workers from different levels and departments are involved in safety planning.  One way to be recognition is to allow the peer to elect a person to be part of the committee.  An effective committee can encourage safety awareness, motivate co-workers, and provide feedback when needed.

If an accident does occur there needs to be an investigation to determine the cause, and prevent future incidents.  There are two ways of classifying incidents in the workplace.  The first one is unsafe acts.  This is when it is the employee neglect or oversight that was to blame.  The second is called unsafe conditions.  This is when a mechanical or physical hazard that the employee is in control of is to blame.    Once the investigation is complete it is important to communicate with all the employees so there won’t be another incident.  There are specific forms that need to be filled out as well.

How does management and human resources prevent accidents from happening?  This can be done through communication, training, and design.  Communication is an important factor in preventing accidents.  This can be done through posters, safety booklets, and involvement of all employees.  There needs to be an atmosphere where a question on proper use is encouraged.  The other side of communication is training.  This is where it is management’s responsibility to provide necessary and adequate training.  This involves making sure the training is up-to-date and making sure the employees are understood what is necessary for safety.  Once the training is completed safety records should be kept for future reference.

Again it stressed that safety in a workplace is everyone responsibility.  If there is a wet spill on a floor employees need to take action to correct it before it can cause harm to other employees, or possibly a customer.  A safe store is accomplish through understand the environment and creating an atmosphere of a team responsibility.

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